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We offer yoga lessons made in a unique way, tailored for your personal use on a weekly or monthly basis. You will also be offered a free consultation before your first class. Together with your yoga teacher you develop the program that fits best for you and your physical needs, based on age, health and previous experiences.


No matter your current fitness level, the practice of pilates is designed to give your body balance. The various exercises includes equal parts of stretch and strength. It helps you to improve and maintain a healthy  fitness level throughout life. While keeping your body as balanced as possible, it even enhances all your activities.


We encourage all our customers to take an ayurvedic consultation. It will improve your understanding of your body and its needs. Nutrition facts and dietary advices will be given depending on your body type and lifestyle. By following the ayurvedic guidelines you will have a result in deep balance and long-lasting well-being. 

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